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Public Act 203 of 1972, known as the Single State Construction Code Act was adopted by the State of Michigan to provide rules to govern the construction and use of all buildings and structures, including land area incidental to said buildings and structures within the State. Montrose Township has elected to adopt and enforce the Michigan and Residential Building codes within its jurisdiction to insure
adequate protection to the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

In addition to the enforcement of the Building Codes by the reviewing of plans, the issuance of building permits, and making necessary inspections, the Building Department also has the responsibility of enforcing all Township Ordinances, which includes the issuance of Zoning Compliance permits, investigating complaints, and coordinates activities with both the Planning Commission and Board of Appeals. 
A property owner should know that failure to obtain a required building permit, zoning compliance permit and request the required inspections could result in the issuance of a stop work order, subject the violator to a fine and could cause your insurance carrier not to cover the work completed without such permits and inspections. Problems could also develop when the property is transferred to a new owner.

Information you should know!
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Please contact the Building Department if you should have any questions or need additional information.