Required Inspections

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Required Inspections

Building Permits issued under Public Act 230 of 1972

  • Inspection must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the time the inspection is needed. A minimum of three inspections are required on most structures. Inspections for any electrical, mechanical and plumbing work are required through the State of Michigan prior to any framing or final inspection by the Township. The person obtaining and signing for a permit is the responsible party for all work completed under said permit. 

  • Foundation/Footing Inspections are required prior to the placing of concrete in any piers, trenches and form work. For Wood Foundations the stone fill and footing plate must be in place. Backfill Inspections are required prior to any backfill and after the footings, walls, waterproofing, temporary backfill bracing, pea rock, and drain tile are installed.

  • Rough/Framing Inspections are required prior to any insulation or wall covering being installed. All framing, roofing, fire-stopping, bracing, and all required State Inspections must be in place prior to the rough/framing inspection. 

  • Final/Certificate of Occupancy Inspections are required to finalize all work being completed under a Building Permit issued by the Township’s Building Official. A new building and or an existing building that has been altered shall not be occupied or used until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Building Official. No final inspections will be completed or Certificate of Occupancies issued until all State Inspections have been completed and approval tags posted.

Zoning Compliance Permits issued under Section 153.418 of the Zoning Ordinance.

  • Stake inspection for setback compliance with the Zoning Code.
  • Final inspection to finalize permit based on the application made.

Please contact the Building Department if you should have any questions on required inspection or if you need other additional information.