Cemetery Information

Montrose Township would like to introduce you to Maynard Reed, who serves as your Township Cemetery Sexton and Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor.  His department handles cemetery needs, preparation of graves and headstone foundations.  In addition he oversees all mowing, weeding, trimming and snow-plowing at the police and fire departments, cemetery, senior center and the Township Park.  You can contact him at mreed@montrosetownship.org.

Helpful Cemetery Information

Montrose Township residents and non-residents can purchase grave plots in the Montrose Township Cemetery.

Montrose Township Residents       Non-Residents
4-Grave Plot $1,000    $3,000
2-Grave Plot $500   $1,500
1-Grave Plot $250   $1,000
Babyland $100   $200
Montrose Township Cemetery Opening & Closing Burial Fees
Monday-Friday $500  
Saturday $600  
Montrose Township Cemetery Opening & Closing Cremation Fees
Monday-Friday $125  
Saturday $200  
Stillborn, infant or child burial fees shall be the same as cremation fees.

Find-A-Grave in the Montrose Cemetery at:  www.findagrave.com/cemetery/1093

Headstone Foundations--Montrose Township Cemetery requires a cement foundation underneath every headstone or monument. Montrose Township Cemetery officials install a cement foundation for every headstone or monument.  The purpose of a foundation is to help ensure the headstone or monument remains secure. The foundation also protects the headstone or monument from being damaged by lawn care equipment. 

A foundation fee of $.35 per square inch shall be paid at the Montrose Township Office, 11444 N. Seymour Road, before headstone installation. A foundation order form must be filled out at the Montrose Township Office. All foundation fees shall be paid before installation. 

Montrose Township Cemetery does not install headstones or monuments. Be sure to make arrangements for headstone installation before the headstone is delivered to Montrose Township Cemetery. Cemetery officials cannot accept delivery of headstones, since they do not provide installation services.