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So, you want to become a firefighter?

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Children from Carter Elementary get an up-close view of the Montrose Township Fire Department's fleet of fire trucks. Children interacted with firemen, toured trucks and had a chance to ask questions.




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MONTROSE - The Montrose Township Fire Department is seeking paid, on-call volunteer firefighters. “Recruiting and increasing our staff of volunteer firefighters is a definite priority,” said Fire Chief George Taylor. “Our volunteers serve in fire and emergency protection to the residences and businesses of Montrose Township and the City of Montrose. They also aid surrounding municipalities.” Taylor said the department currently maintains a roster of about 30 volunteers.  He would like to add another 10 volunteer firefighters to build a solid, reliable team. Taylor said the recruitment drive is aimed at men and women ages 18 and up who live in Montrose Township or Montrose City and are interested in public safety and firefighting.  Prospective candidates are asked to fill out an application and be willing to participate in the academy’s qualification process which involves six months of training (daytime or nighttime classes two days per week and weekend classes are offered) followed by graduation and certification. Volunteer firefighters are able to conduct fire suppression, vehicle extrication and basic first aid. In addition, they engage in training exercises, station duties, attend weekly training/business meetings, and help to promote fire safety and education to area residents. “Membership in the department offers properly trained and certified firefighters a stipend for their service,” said Taylor. “Training, firefighting apparel and mentoring under seasoned officers allow a new member to grow in camaraderie and become part of our emergency responder team.” For more information, call the Montrose Township Fire Department at (810) 639-7777, or download an application/forms from the above links.

Great article to read regarding volunteer firefighters:

Are volunteer firefighters real firefighters?

Paul Schewene


Being a volunteer firefighter in America, is almost an American tradition, is anywhere from 60% to 70% of this nation's firefighting force, are VOLUNTEERS.

I say it's an American tradition, because Ben Franklin, is largely credited with starting the first organized volunteer fire brigade in Philadelphia.   December 7th, 1736, the Union Fire Brigade was formed in Philadelphia, and represented a watershed moment in American firefighting history.

Other fire companies soon formed in Philadelphia, and over time, losses of life and property by fire, were reduced compared to the rest of the country.   

The main difference between a volunteer firefighter, and a paid firefighter, is the paycheck.   The mission's the same, the equipment is the same, the training is largely the same.   The risks are largely the same.

The costs, however, to taxpayers, are NOT the same.   Strangely enough... it's far cheaper for a volunteer fire department to cover an area, than a paid department.   With your volunteer department, the expenses are equipment, training, keeping the bills paid on the firehouse, including utility bills, etc...  your firefighting vehicles which may or may not be 'new', and maintenance of them to ensure they're always ready when trouble arises.   You also need to raise funds so you have money to keep those bills paid up...  whether by taxes, or fund raising bake sales, hall rentals, turkey shoots, carnivals, whatever... 

With your paid fire department?  Hands down, the biggest expenses you have to pay, are the salaries and benefits of your firefighters and fire officers.   Since most paid departments are unionized... this is NOT cheap at ALL.    Now add in buying your apparatus, equipment, and paying for training, paying the light bill, etc and so on... and you'll see what I mean about 'more expensive'.

Some areas... like New York City... or a smaller suburban city with a good economic picture, might be able to afford a paid fire department just fine, and if so... that's wonderful!  There's the advantage of faster response to alarms with that.   

Most areas... the money's just NOT there to sustain a fully paid fire department.   In such cases... sometimes you have a combination department (A few paid members... and the rest volunteers), or a fully volunteer department (no paid members)

Volunteers have given their lives in the line of duty, just like their paid brothers and sisters in service.   Both paid and volunteer firefighters, are typically very skilled people, who do one of the most physically demanding jobs there is to do, under conditions where seconds and minutes count... often doing the same amount of physically draining labor others do in an 8 hour day, in the span of 15 minutes.   And they do it in an environment that's hostile to human life, and deal with people who are experiencing the worst moments of their life...  and they go through those experiences with those people.

They say losing a child is one of the most brutal things a parent can go through, and that's absolutely true.    It's no picnic for a firefighter, paid or volunteer, to be on the scene of the emergency where that child lost their life...  maybe even having cradled that very child in their arms trying to rescue the child from danger.

Are volunteer firefighters 'real' firefighters?

You better believe it!