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Weapons                                                                           Posted 11/13/17

Jimenez Arms Pistol .38 46008
Ruger Pistol .45 664-41317
Browning Shotgun 12 GA 42041NN121
Ithica Shotgun 20 GA 200972
MFTD by Arms Corp Rifle .22 A433315
New Engalnd Firearms Shotgun 20 GA NH454202
Conn. Valley Arms Muzz Loader 45 Cal 0090059
Mossberg  Shotgun 410 GA G654709
Winchester Rifle .22 116898
Colt Pistol .22 67276-C
Remington Shotgun 12 GA S621739V
Cobra Pistol .38 49066LW
New Engalnd Firearms Shotgun 12 GA NP213536
Glenfield  Rifle .22 23400864
Mossberg  Shotgun 12 GA P112269
Remington Shotgun 12 GA S408602V
Browning Shotgun 12 GA 30066
Mossberg  Shotgun 12 GA J363730
Ruger Rifle .22 113-69694
CN Romarm  Rifle 7.62 Cal PK-1741-85
Smith and Wesson Pistol .38 CJB7633
Smith and Wesson Pistol .38 D234939
Smith and Wesson Pistol .357 9K60775
Titan Pistol .22 A70793
Smith and Wesson Pistol .38 AYV2461
H&R Pistol .22 556997
Amadeo Rossi  Pistol .38 W075454
Hi-Point Pistol 9mm P1821630
Ruger Pistol 9mm 31735203
Smith and Wesson Pistol 9mm RBD7074
Taurus Pistol .45 CT825977
Kel-Tec Pistol 9mm 119064
Lorcin Pistol 9mm L045177
Hawes Pistol .22 72668
Heritage Pistol .22 HR15295

Pursuant to state law, the Montrose Township Police Department will be giving public notice of its intent to dispose of the weapons. These weapons have been held in evidence after being found, recovered or taken for safe keeping. The owner of each weapon is either unknown or cannot be located. These weapons will be disposed of in accordance with MCL 750.239a no sooner than 30 days after the initial posting of this notice.

Any person believing they are the lawful owner of any of the listed items, must contact Det. Scott Maguire at the Montrose Township Police Department.  Det. Scott Maguire may be reached by calling (810) 639-5400.  Proof of ownership will be required to claim any weapon listed.

MSP Angel Program

For decades, police officers have been on the front lines of the war on drugs. In an attempt to disrupt an ever-increasing supply chain, police officers often find themselves arresting drug addicts as much, if not more so, than drug dealers and traffickers. In the meantime, heroin and opioid addiction has become a severe public health concern in the United States, destroying and often ending lives.

In 2015, the Gloucester, Massachusetts Police Department developed a revolutionary new way to fight the war on drugs by doing something about the demand; not just the supply. Under this plan, drug addicts who seek help are placed in a recovery program rather than face arrest and jail time.

The MSP Angel Program allows an individual struggling with drug addiction to walk into a MSP post during regular business hours and ask for assistance. If accepted into the MSP Angel Program, the individual will be guided through a professional substance abuse assessment and intake process to ensure proper treatment placement. An “Angel” volunteer, who is a member of the local community, will be present to support the individual during the process, and to provide transportation to the identified treatment facility.

Angel Program Brochure
Angel Program Application, Background and Training Policy
Angel Program Description
Angel Program Donor Information
Heroin Statistics

Official Forms – Angel Program

Angel Application and Background Query Release (ADM-122a)
Angel Pledge of Confidentiality (ADM-122b)
Angel Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity (ADM-122c)

911 Emergency Text Message Option Now Available

 Residents of Genesee County now have the option to send emergency text messages to 911. Sending a text message to 911 would be appropriate when someone is unable to speak because of an emergency such as a home invasion or an abusive partner, the statement said. Users should send brief messages without using abbreviations or slang, be prepared to communicate your exact location and be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 dispatcher. The service also is intended to aid people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability. Parents are urged to educate their children about the 911 texting option and remind them that it is for emergencies only.