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Genesee County Treasurer NEW OFFICE HOURS:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8:00-4:30

Wednesday, Thursday 8:00-12:00

1101 Beach Street, Flint, MI 48502-1475

PHONE: (810) 257-3054  |  FAX: (810) 257-3885

TAX INFO:  (877) 805-2856

To assist the Genesee County Treasurer with efforts to return foreclosed property to the tax rolls and further develop property within Genesee County, check out the Genesee County Land Bank.

Listed below are services offered as well as information regarding fees and collections.

Property Taxes

2016 Summer Taxes are payable from July 1st, 2016 through September 14th, 2016 without interest. Payments must be received in the Treasurer's Department by this date, postmarks are not accepted. 2016 Winter Taxes are payable from December 1st, 2016 through February 14th, 2017 without interest.

Currently: ALL 2016 SUMMER/WINTER DELINQUENT Taxes must be paid at Genesee County Office. Genesee County Treasurer

1101 Beach St.

Flint, MI 48502

Senior Citizens Summer Tax Deferral

Senior Citizens (62 or older) whose household income for the preceding calendar year did not exceed $40,000 may be eligible for the deferral of the Summer Taxes. This deferral entitles the eligible taxpayer to postpone the July tax payment until February 14 without interest or penalty. The application form is available from the Treasurer and online CLICK HERE.

Personal Property Tax – Small Business Exemption

If the combined true cash value of a business personal property is less than $80,000 in the previous tax year, the business can claim and exemption for taxes on that personal property for the current tax year. The taxpayer must file a completed Form 5076 with the Township Assessor by February 10. A new Form 5076 must be filed annually. CLICK HERE for the form.

Hardship Aid

If you are unable to pay utility or personal property tax, please contact the Treasurer to review your accounts to create a payment plan that will fit into your budget to bring the accounts current.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services - Temporary heat and utility assistance may be available for eligible low-income families and individuals when water, heating or electric service has been or will be shut off. CLICK HERE for more information.

Treasurer’s Office Facts

The Montrose Township Office receives payment for over 2,700 real properties and 121 business personal properties. Receives payment for approximately 300 water/sewer customers. Collects special assessments such as garbage pick-up, mosquito abatement, and private road associations.

Tax and Utility Bill Collection

Utility Bills

This includes water, sewer, water tapin and sewer tapin. Payable until the 15th of the month after which bill becomes PAST DUE and a penalty is applied.

Tax Bills

This includes Real Property and Personal Property. Current and Delinquent Personal Property Tax can be paid in the Township Office any time. Real Property taxes can be accepted by the Township Office during payable without interest period then they become payable only at the Genesee County office and penalties/interest are applied.

Personal Property Tax

Personal Property Tax can be paid at any time in the Township Office. Small business exempt forms must be in by February 10 and submitted EVERY YEAR.  Payment plans are available for Delinquent Accounts. For the most up to date information from the State of MI and links to forms visit  Personal Property Tax General Information 

Pay Bills in Person

Stop in the Township Office, we accept cash or check. Credit card can be used but has a fee ($2 minimum or 3% of the bill) applied.

A drop box is located outside the township office. Please include your water or tax account number. The drop box is emptied every morning and processed, Monday – Thursday. Items placed in drop box over a weekend are processed Monday morning.

Pay by U.S. Mail

Make checks payable to “Montrose Township Treasurer” and mail to:

Montrose Township Treasurer

11444 N. Seymour Road

Montrose, MI 48457

For Tax Payments: Include the small portion of the tax bill with your payment. If you would like to a receipt mailed to you, please enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

For Water Payments: Include small portion of the utility bill with your payment.

Pay Online

Point and Pay, LLC handles online payments and they charge a service fee. Make online payments with credit card, debit card or electronic check. Fees will be applied. Have utility account number for utility payment or tax ID number for tax payment handy when paying electronically.

CLICK HERE to make online payments.