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APM Mosquito Control

Mosquito Abatement is a Township-wide public health program.

The Mosquito Control program seeks to protect the health and quality of life of residents and visitors from potential disease and the annoyance caused by the bite of mosquitoes.

It’s important to serve the public by providing mosquito control services without producing adverse impacts on the environment; therefore, the goal for mosquito “control” is not complete elimination of the insect, but rather an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) approach using a variety of methods designed to prevent and reduce the number of
mosquitoes so they no longer unfavorably affect the health and quality of life of Montrose Township residents.

APM Mosquito Control is providing a comprehensive mosquito control program to Montrose Township. Feel free to contact them with questions or concerns.

The Mosquito Control program is funded by a voter-approved millage.


Montrose Charter Township will impose a $25.00 assessment upon each real parcel within the township and each lot within a registered mobile/Manufactured home Community within the Township for a period of ten years, 2022 through 2031 inclusive, to provide funding for a Township-wide mosquito abatement program.

The $25.00 assessment is collected on the Winter Tax bill as a Special Assessment.

The Mosquito Abatement Program is fulfilled via a contracted company such as Rose or APM. The program provides Township residents with pre-treatments, education and proactive treatments to individual properties as well as fogging from the road. Parcel owners may call the contracted company to request yard fogging and treatments for special events. The company
also monitors mosquito hatching and presence of disease.

The current program was voted into effect by Township residents on 11/2/21


Residents desiring to give APM technicians off-road access to their property can fill out the form below.

Residents desiring to OPT-OUT of the mosquito abatement program can provide their property information to the APM Mosquito Control technicians to ensure their sprayers will be TURNED OFF when providing service.

Opt Out Form

Off-Road Access Treatment Consent Form

Forms can be emailed or faxed to APM Mosquito Control. Or, bring forms to Montrose Township Office and staff will send the forms to APM on your behalf.

To contact APM by telephone:

(810) 766-9423 – Flint Office

(877) 276-4714 – Toll Free

Learn more about APM Mosquitio

APM Mosquito Control is a large-scale mosquito control contractor and consultant founded in 1996. They believe in providing excellent customer service while utilizing Integrated Mosquito Management programs that are designed to control nuisance and disease vectoring mosquitoes while protecting our environment. APM services a variety of clients throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Click here to learn more about APM Mosquito

Montrose Township participates in APM’s Large-scale Mosquito Control Program Services which include:

  • Survey & digital mapping using ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
  • Comprehensive wetland site inspection
  • Adult mosquito population surveillance
  • Aerial and ground-based biological larval mosquito control
  • Ground based ULV (Ultra Low Volume) adult mosquito control
  • Ground based barrier treatments for adult mosquito control
  • Full mosquito identification & laboratory services