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Barber Park

People of all ages enjoy the 27-acre park and recreation area located at 11410 N.Seymour Rd, Montrose. The park is open all seasons.

Upper Park:

Visitors can stop in the Veterans Bell Memorial to honor veterans, view a beautiful bell created by a local artisan and admire the unique building built from locally harvested ash. Grab some friends and hit the basketball or pickleball courts for some friendly competition. Walkers may take a moment to view a natural wetland, preserved for the natural beauty in all seasons. In wintertime, the sledding hill is busy with families having fun in the snow.

Lower Park:

Walkers of both the two-legged and four-legged variety enjoy paved trails connecting the upper and lower portions of the park. Lush green lawn bordered by gentle hills of woodland trails and wildflowers, flanked by the sparkling Flint River is a natural paradise. Kayakers report often seeing our local bald eagles.

Anglers take advantage of access to the Flint River. The section of the river passing through Montrose Township is a well-known secret, offering some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the state. Pan fish and perch are seasonal favorites.

Veterans Bell Memorial
In May of 2005 long-time Montrose resident, Charlie Emmendorfer was inspired to honor all U.S. Military Veterans. He and his crew built a bell  He and his crew build a bell out of stainless steel and black walnut with a holder of solid 3” steel. In 2007 the Montrose American Legion Post 367 began raising funds to build a unique octagon-shaped building to house the bell. On June 23, 2013, the ground breaking ceremony took place, participants included veterans and family members of servicemen killed. The building was constructed by local contractors using approximately 200 locally grown ash trees which had fallen victim to the emerald ash borer. Many familied donated and continue to donate funds and materials in honor veterans including men and women from the Civil War through those currently serving in the Armed Forces. Visitors are encouraged to attend a ceremony held every year at the Veterans Bell Memorial on Veterans Day.

The Veterans Bell Memorial honors veterans, living and deceased, every day. The memorial will continue to include veterans from any state and any service era. The veteran’s name, military service information and photograph will be displayed in the memorial. To submit a veteran to honor or make a donation for the maintenance of the building, please fill out the Veterans Bell Memorial form.

Veterans Memorial Bell is located just inside Barber Park, 11410 N. Seymour Rd, Montrose.

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