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  • Upcoming ZBA Meeting (If Necessary) on July 25, 2024


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Online Accident Reports

  1. Click to select our state from the map or choose it from the drop down list.
  2. Scroll down and click to select ‘Montrose Township Police Department’
  3. Enter the date of the crash and the report number.

IRS "Scams"

The Montrose Township Police Department would like to warn residents about a telephone scam.  Currently there is a group calling saying they are from the IRS and you own them money.

The caller tells the potential victim there is a pending law suit against them or they owe in back taxes and they must make a payment to the IRS.  Do not give the caller any information over the phone regardless of any threats they make to take legal action.  Just tell them you will not provide them any information and hang up. Do not ever send money via Western Union or gift cards.

Report Scams to the Federal Trade Commission
Report Identity Theft to the Federal Trade Commission

Official Forms

Purchase Permits/CPL Application

Purchase permits can be obtained at the police department if you are a resident.  

If you are a resident  you must obtain your CPL from the Genesee County Clerks Office if you wish to carry a concealed pistol.
CPL Application and Instructions


Live Scan applicant Fingerprinting (Mon-Fri 8am -3pm)

Availability may vary please call 810-639-5400 to check availability.

Background Checks

The Montrose Township Police Department provides a basic local background check for a resident, which is not a criminal background check. This local background check will reflect a check of local police records regarding any police contacts. If you require a statewide criminal background check, please contact the Michigan State Police at 810-732-1111 or you may visit the State of Michigan ICHAT site

911 Emergeny Text Message Option Now Avalible

Residents of Genesee County now have the option to send emergency text messages to 911. Sending a text message to 911 would be appropriate when someone is unable to speak because of an emergency such as a home invasion or an abusive partner, the statement said. Users should send brief messages without using abbreviations or slang, be prepared to communicate your exact location and be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 dispatcher. The service also is intended to aid people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability. Parents are urged to educate their children about the 911 texting option and remind them that it is for emergencies only.

General Information

Montrose Township currently has eight full-time officers (including the chief and detective) and two part-time officers. Longevity is key in a rural police department. Lucky for Montrose Township, most of the officers have been with the department for a very long time. Officers may be called on to handle a variety of tasks, including community relations, wellness checks and responding to calls in both the township and city. Calls range from barking-dog complaints to domestic violence.

Montrose Township police have been a part of joint-efforts between police departments, Michigan State Police, and FANG (Flint Area Narcotics Group) to solve crimes. Montrose PD has also been fortunate to receive both private and corporate donations to purchase equipment and technology. Once in a while residents will drop by the police department with goodies or donate funds to “purchase the guys a meal”.

“Being a police officer in a small community is a lifestyle change from a larger community.” One officer was overheard saying. “It’s not always about the money. It’s about the satisfaction.”

The community has enabled the police department to do more than react to calls for assistance. Local churches include the department when they do charity drives. The Montrose
Senior Center is always happy to share breakfast with the Chief, Detective or any officer who joins them. Officers have been known to change a flat tire, find a lost dog, visit a classroom, take food to a needy family and attend a local sporting event to cheer our team.

The police chief has a tradition of helping high school science teacher with her Forensic Science class. He and the detective cause a bit of mischief pretending to be “hoodlums” and “brake into” the classroom to create a crime scene for students to study. The students also take a tour the police department, learn about fingerprinting & processing criminals.

Montrose Township PD officers are family guys with big hearts. Many are veterans. They want to present law enforcement as a positive experience. They want residents to call them and to know people by name. They want to join folks for coffee or toss a ball around with a teen. Station Tours are available.

Police Chief: Jamie Cochran
Detective: Scott Maguire
Police Station: (810) 639-5400

Montrose Township Police Department:
11444 N. Seymour Rd
Montrose, MI 48457

Phone: (810) 639 -5400
Fax : (510) 639 -5441

Fun Fact: Did you know? Rural police do a better job of solving crime. For example… in rural areas about 78% of murders are solved through an arrest, whereas in the largest cities only about 57% are solved. It is believed these statistics are due to the fact the police department is active within the community and on a “first name basis” with many. Residents are comfortable and trust the department to often assist or provide informatio